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* searching event sites which match clients needs
* effective advertisement, direct mail, and telemarketing
* accurate market survey
* creative designing, printing, photography and videography
* arranging professional MC, interpreter, service person and any other manpower needed

1.FEB 2011 Tokyo Gift Show

Event Site
72th Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2011(Tokyo BIG SITE)
FEB 1st (Tue.) ~FEB 4th (Fri.) 2011
Event Overview
【Theme】"Interchange among the new world" Creation and Discovery

Exhibited our original booth
Setting up and management of 120 booths at atrium hall in West Wing
Creative food design
Planning and operation of seminars




2. FEB 2012 Tokyo Gift Show

Event Site
73th Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2012(Tokyo BIG SITE)
FEB 8th (Wed.) 2012)~FEB 10th (Fri.) 2012
Event Overview
【Theme】Seeing the scenario of the V-shaped recovery of Japanese economy

Exhibited our original booth
Setting up and management of 100 booths at atrium hall in West Wing
Video production
Digital direction




3. 2011/2012 OCT. India Mela

Event Site
Kobe Meriken Park
Oct. 8th (Sat.)~Oct 10th (Mon.) 2011
Oct. 6th (Sat.)~8th (Mon.) 2012

Advertisement and marketing for the India Mela on the Internet TV program
MC and catering operation at the opening ceremony






4. Food Selection 2012

Event Site
Local Bank Food Selection 2012 Tokyo BIG SITE
OCT. 23RD (Tue.)~Oct.24th (Wed.) 2012

Event Overview
"Local Bank Food Selection" started in year 2006 with the concept, business meeting proudly introducing the "Safe/Reliable/Delicious" foods from all over Japan.
Since then, it created many opportunities for business between local town and city, and between two local towns. With the evaluation from both exhibitor and visitors, this year is the 7th exhibition, and its quality has become thicker and thicker every year.

Planning of advertisement and publicity
Design and construction of works at various events
Setting up and management of 150 booths at atrium hall in East Wing
Exhibited our "Yummy Dough" booth. We are Japanese agency of "Yummy Dough".




5.JUL 2012 Wonder Festival.



Event Site
Wonder Festival 2012 Summer
(Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls 1-8)
JUL. 29TH(Sun)

Event Overview
At Wonder Festival, model makers bring their original model kits they produced, regardless of a professional, an amateur. They display and sell their vaunted model kits to confirm their molding ability.

Setting up and management of 230 booths
Cooperate management
Send staff
Music Event



6.SEP. 2012 Danjiri Matsuri (Kishiwada city, Osaka pref.)

SEP.15th~16th 2012

Event Site
Kishiwada City

Event Overview
Festival held in Kishiwada city, Osaka pref. It is also called "Kishiwada Festival", and has 300 years of history and tradition.

Send security staff
Design and construction of exhibits






7. Other Events.


Sampling (give out samples in the streets)
Send staff


Arrange conference room
Planning and management

Emergency drill
Conduct dmergency drill
Set up the event site


Outdoor festival
Send staff



8. Car Rental Service.


Pick up service, and VIP transportation.



8.Cooperative companies.
JTB Corp.