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We are looking for business partners who are…

  • Planning to start WiFi router rental service as a new service
  • Interested in expanding business opportunities into a new field
  • Wanting to increase customer acquisition through WiFi router rental service

In this business, we fully support you (our partners) by providing WiFi router kit, customer support, technical training, and trouble-shooting so that you can give a service of Wifi router rental to your customers without worrying anything. And you can make any rental plans as you wish when you give this service to your customers.

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<Rental Period for Outbound Use>

Here is one example of rental period for users who use our WiFi router overseas.


As indicated above, our rental period starts from the day before departure date and ends on the day after arrival date, however, users might want to pay the rental fee only for the actual period of WiFi usage which is the period when users stay in oversea. In this case, daily fee can be adjusted as you wish considering the wasting period of those 2 days (day before departure and day after arrival).


  • Q1:What costs are requested to start this business?
  • There's no need of initial investment for this business, this means no router/setup fee and no communication fee.
  • Q2:What are the requirements for starting this business?
  • We ask you to train and educate your staffs for the WiFi rental service and do a PR job through your web site or advertisement.
  • Q3:What is the rate for the WiFi router rental?
  • Our plans and offers vary depending on your needs, so please contact us first for the details.
  • Q4:What is in the WiFi router set?
  • Our Wifi router set includes WiFi router, SIM card, USB cable, AC adopter, and instruction paper.
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