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Falcon Eye – Color Night Vision Cameras
A new range of Falcon Eye cameras with truly unique features making it possible to view and record in colors during night – even in the near total darkness of scenes invisible to the human eye. High quality viewing, video recording and photo capturing during day and night. Minimum Subject Illumination of 0.005 lx (F1.4, 1/30), HD 720p.

The proprietary KClux™ CMOS sensor and KCnoise™ 2D/3D noise reduction technologies are the main reasons for the color night vision capabilities of the Falcon Eye cameras. 100% designed and made in Japan.[ DETAIL ]
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Kickers shoes
Kickers is a shoes brand which was created in 1970 in France by Daniel Raufast. Products were sold in over 70 countries in 1975. Kickers has attracted movie and music industries and had been receiving worldwide attention. It shows that Kickers were used in the movie "Kill Bill" as well as the rock band" The Stone Roses". It has product line for Men, Kids and Ladies shoes collections.

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WeSC® Headphone
WeSC® Headphone. Brand originating from Sweden. Very high quality design, trendy and North-European pop taste culture engrained into the product. A product to be closely watched. Currently distributing to all village vanguard shops.


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Edible Dough also known as (magic cookie)
The world's first edible clay, "Yummy Dough" was released in 2006. It has changed the name into "Magic Cookie" and come back again to Japan! "Magic Cookie" is fun tool to play with your family while kids can nurture their creativity and imagination. It is great to make "Magic Cookie" at the parties and events.

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