FEATURE “Narula, Our History, and Our Vision”

Since 1980, Narula has met the needs of the clients satisfactorily in this fast changing times with their needs and continued to develop as trade experts connecting Japan and overseas.
Sohinder Singh, Chairman and founder, and Tharminder Singh, Managing Director, talk about the company’s history, transition, basic stance, and future developments.

The History

Started business in 1980. Begins the export of domestic textile and general goods.

Our headquarters was originally located in Singapore and was founded in 1957 before Singapore’s independence (1965). Focusing on textiles, we later set up branch offices in Thailand, South Korea, Dubai in the Middle East, etc., and then Japan. Basically, the Narula clan runs everything.

At first, the main focus was on supplying textiles to the head family, but the uniqueness of the products handled by each branch office has gradually emerged. In the last 10 years or so, the functions of the head family have diminished considerably and South Korea branch is now closed. We opened a branch office in Japan, followed by Myanmar. However due to various problems such as the civil war, Myanmar’s branch office also being suspended. In Dubai, Thailand, and Japan we kept our business operating.

In the 1980s Japan’s economy entered the so-called “high economic growth period”

Japan’s situation was good at that time. Until the end of the 90’s, Japan was a growing and exporting country, so orders were abundant.
At first we supplied textile only, but in the 90’s the domestic market became richer, and import requests for various overseas goods were increased, so we started to import general goods, mainly western tableware and pottery accordingly. At the beginning, we started without know-how. For the time being, we went around big shops and exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. alone and made connections and entered the industry.

In the 2000s the situation has changed again

As the use of personal computers increased and the Internet became widespread, in the summer of 2000, we started Yahoo auctions by using our company network and website little by little. At that time, while we exported Japanese products such as Tiger (thermos), DUNLOP (rubber products), and JT (tobacco) to India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan as agency, we imported and supplied famous luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and GUCCI for Japan.

In the meantime, the tastes required for monder jackets have changed since around 2005, but basically we were dealing with fashion-related goods. We were also handled food product like mineral water Crystal Gyser and Contrex. We believe we were the first to supply such products to Don Quijote. Narula was a pioneer in the full-scale import of mineral water.

Narula was a pioneer in the full-scale import of mineral water.


The logo has been used since its inception

“We imported a full-scale mineral water in 2001-2002 and made a sales floor. However, while experiencing such new things, our business has not changed that much. We are a brand-specialized company. We have a wide range of domestic customers, including Don Quijote, Home Center stores and department stores nationwide.

On the other hand, we serve as not only a leading exporter for Japan’s good domestic brands to overseas but also a supplier who orders the goods requested by Japanese customers from overseas.

Narula is a company with various roles. One of our strengths is abundant networks. We have various routes, relationships, and trust, so we can envision many business with each other.

Narula’s Future Vision

Now is the time to pursue the “tradition”.

We are pursuing “tradition” rather than keeping up with new trends. The trend comes and goes. On the other hand, “Tradition” is like a long-established confectionery store that has been in Kyoto for 300 years. The customers come to the store naturally without ever having the need to opening a store in a department store.
We think that it is important to develop such things, establish a brand and a view, and continue that as a tradition.
Of course, we are constantly introducing and challenging new systems and tools, but our business and policy is basically like that.

What Narula has been particularly focusing in recent years?

The products are related to health, beauty, food, and experience. It’s something that can make health wealth such as healthy food ingredients, supplements, or it’s something that is good for beauty. Of course, natural one is the best, but the ordinary people can’t afford it, so we think the closest to natural products with high quality are ok. For example, Korean cosmetics.

From 2020, we will focus on such things that are good for health, long-lasting, beauty, and longevity. Of course, when some company asks us to “import a certain product” and we can get it, we will import because we are a trading company. However, what we would like to spread as a company in the future is the zone we just told.

Our long years of network, experience, and trust enable various and flexible trade

With Vice Governor of Tokushima Prefecture

Originally, we have succeeded in bidding with the Indian government and other governments. We have also worked with the Japanese government, supplied goods, selection-bid, and bidding. Amongst the several contributions we have made to Osaka Government, Tokushima Government, Sapporo Government. We are doing it for a social contribution. We hope that by giving back to the Government and Communities as our contribution.

Recently, the news reported that Tokushima Prefecture purchased a syringe for vaccination from a UAE (United Arab Emirates) company by our support. (*See link: Tokushima Prefecture to Buy 400,000 syringes from UAE company [New Coronavirus]:

We have been working with the government for more than 10 years now. We can properly deliver products and services from a professional standpoint as the request of the local government. That is our strength, which is different from the other importer and export suppliers.