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A Corporation that can evolve and grow up together with our customers and employees.
While we discover all kinds of attractive products from all over the world and expand them to the Japanese market, we also supply excellent Japanese products to South Asia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia centered on India in terms of exports. We are Osaka-based trade and business experts with over 40 years of experience.

Narula Ltd. was founded in 1980 to export textiles & sundries to the world and as a young company. Although we faced various difficulties due to the young company, we built a good repute and relationship with Japanese manufacturers.

We initially handled Pigeon Baby Products, Tiger Products and represented them in the distribution of their products for the India markets.
Since 1985 we have been importing into Japan and supplying to various -luxury brand consumer products to the wholesalers and retailers in Japan.
We have expanded over time to supply -Tableware / Crystalware, Bags / Watches, Perfume / Cosmetics / Skincare, Baby products, Foods / Beverages
Recently we have also delivered to government bodies, and have earned the trust of many people.

Narula is sensitive to the needs of the rapidly changing times and aims to provide services that satisfy all customers. I thank you for your continued support and patronage of our company.

Managing Director


As an expert in the import-export industry that has met the needs of one step ahead
We are expanding globally by sourcing from our international partners and networking.


Business philosophy

  • NNetworking on a global scale

  • AAlliance in building a strong steel relationship with our partners

  • RRespect each other

  • UUniform by having consistent emphasis on our process

  • LLoyalty in seeking a long term vision

  • AAccountability to honor our code